Thursday, July 7, 2011

Becoming Keith's wife

Years ago at the beginning of my freshman year of college, someone asked if I planned to go all four years there. At the time four years sounded like a huge amount of time and I could no more imagine committing myself for four years than I could see myself sailing around the world. Instead I planned to take one year at a time. (I ended up going to that college for five years.)

27 years ago today I stood before a minister and guests and committed to spending the rest of my life with a green-eyed bearded Norwegian from Iowa. Aware of the length of a lifetime in vague general terms but totally unable to fathom the logistics of living with someone else for the rest of my life.

1984 - on our honeymoon

27 years is a long time. But when I talk to someone who's been married 
for 50 years, I can't wrap my mind around being married that long.


27 years
Four states.
One son.
Six daughters.


27 years of 365 days with three meals a day adds up to 29,565 meals. I didn't keep a tally so there's no way to know how many meals I didn't cook when we went to Taco Bell, or to a friend's house, or to a church potluck, or bought TV dinners, or I didn't feel like cooking. Just to be on the safe side, I can say that I've cooked at at least 20,000 meals since saying "I do."


Not the most romantic thoughts on an anniversary, but marriage is sharing a life and life is composed of good days and bad days, a little special and a whole lot of normal, high points and low points, flying high and scraping bottom, sometimes stretching and occasionally breaking.

If you were to ask me when I became Keith's wife I would say July 7, 1984. But in all honesty, I'm still becoming his wife. We're not the same people we were 27 years ago. We've learned and grown and matured and regressed. We've experienced amazing moments of emotional intimacy and frustrating episodes of dumb-founding stupidity.


So I'm up for the next 25 years, though the thought of gout, and walkers, and hardened arteries, and loss of memory, hair, and hearing, and Keith getting bushy eyebrows and ear hair is a bit scary.

I'm thankful for 27 years of being married to to the one man out of the 3.5 billion males on the earth that belongs to me. I'm thankful that we didn't give up when things got hard and that he doesn't snore is also a definite plus.

I love you, Keith, even if you don't like sharing your Kindle with me.

Happy Anniversary


  1. Awesome post Angie! Love it.

  2. How awesome!! Such a great post!! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Ahhh! So cute! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Great post, and great words of wisdom! I think this needs to be shared with all new couples!! Marriage is a journey and you do grow and change. Congratulations on growing and changing together for the past 27 years! :-)

  5. It doesn't sound overly romantic, but real love isn't like a fairy tale. Yet the joy in loving each other shows through. Especially in the 1984, 2005 and 2006 pictures. Happy Anniversary Angie and Keith!

  6. Happy anniversary! Loved the comments about still becoming his wife.


    Such a wonderful post, and I loved seeing your pictures 'through the years'...

    Wishing you MANY MANY more anniversaries!