Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Valuable Deposit

 Kiah said last Saturday night, "Mom, I have the day off tomorrow, do you want to go hiking?"

After church, a business meeting, lunch, naps, and what-not, we leave the house at 5:00 pm, and I grumble that I distinctly remember her saying she had the day off. I don't particularly like to start hiking this late in the day, but she's young and I'm not but I love her and am thankful that she likes spending time with me.

On the drive south, she comments how pretty the scenery is and says that she's never been this way before. We look at her in shock, because she's lived with us for a year now. Turns out she's driven the road between Duluth and Ashland many times, and the drive between our house and the next town a bazillion times, but other than that she hasn't seen much of Wisconsin.

We all agree she needs to get out more. Sunday made a good start. We visited St. Peter's Dome, about 40 minutes south of Ashland.

 Lani discovers peanut butter works 
good to hold a spoon on her nose.

But it also leaves peanut butter on her nose

 Lani got stuck with the job of 
carrying water bottles and snacks

Amy couldn't resist

 Nor could he.

Oh, cool! A waterfall.

But wait - You're supposed 
to look at it, not climb it.

"Kiah, that's far enough. 
You're making your Mama nervous."

Two thirds into the walk, I'm thinking I'm too old to do this. But then 
we get to the top and the view makes the long uphill climb worth it.

Girls, please stay away from the edge. 

 Every time I get up here I think we should come back in the fall. This is sure to be a glorious view when the trees are changing color. But we get busy and forget. Maybe this year!

Fueling up for the long walk down.

A fun day and another good deposit in my children's memory bank.


  1. What an awesome day you guys had! Hiking in the fall is simply the best time of the year. You Viks should make this an annual thing to do! <3

  2. I love to Hike but we don't have many places to hike around here!!

  3. How fun! And what a beautiful place to walk. Hiking paths around here consist of corn and cattle fields, neither of which appeal greatly to me. Also, it's been about 150 degrees in the shade, so we mostly hike around the house! :-) I can't believe Amy walked across that log!! Even the picture of it made me nervous! :-)

  4. Beautiful! Just pick a day in October and write in on the calendar now...even if you can't go that day it will remind you that you need to ge there!
    Keep up the God work.

  5. You have to go in the fall! That is only time we go to St. Peter's Dome. I have not seen it any other season. I would like to see the falls in winter. Glad you got to go out!

  6. Oh wow. How wonderful! We love taking our vacations in Wisconsin and you LIVE there!

    Have a wonderful day at church tomorrow.

    :) Janet

  7. What a beautiful day out with your family!

    Though Amy made me gasp with that picture of her crossing the creek! I was ready for a "splash"! :)

  8. Wow, the pics are really beautiful.
    Unfortunately I hate hiking... Never liked it and haven't done it in ages. Maybe I just need to suck it up and give it a try.

  9. Did you make it back this fall? We went up to the Mississippi a couple of weeks ago (by Prairie du Chien) and hiked at Effigy Mounds State Park. Beautiful! Miss you, but I'm glad I can see what you're doing on your blog...