Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh, My Poor Neglected Blog

I'm dismayed that it's come to this. Over two months without one post. 

I've followed blogs before that quit posting and I'd think, "No, please don't quit. I enjoy hearing about your life." Unless your blog friends are in-real-life friends or Facebook friends, once they stop blogging, you have no other way to know how they're doing.

2014 has been crazy so far. We visited Keith's sister who lives nine hours away and our kids who live five hours away for the Christmas holidays. Upon our return, we took turns sharing the cold that our relatives had shared with us at Christmas. 

A week later, My mother was hospitalized with pneumonia. She had COPD, assorted other health issues, and had been bedridden for two years. We'd had similar phone calls like this over the last 12 years, so while concerned, we assumed she'd bounce back like all the other times.

She died January 17.  

Even though she had been sick for a long time, and I'm glad she's in a better place and is no longer in any physical or emotional pain, that for the first time in her life, everything is right, it was still hard. I don't think we're ever ready to say good-bye to people we love. 

The upside of a sad time, is spending time with family and friends. My daughter Kiah and I took the train from Minneapolis to Portland for her funeral. 

Despite the circumstances, Kiah and I had a great time. We enjoyed connecting with family we hadn't seen for agesI was gone 12 days. 

On the train ride home, I got the message that my husband's 89-year-old mother had suffered a stroke. This took me by surprise because for the most part she had been in good health. 

She died three days later on January 31. Exactly two weeks after my mom.  Double whammy! Ouch! I hadn't processed my mom's death yet before Keith's mom died. 

She was ready to go. She said at Christmas that this was her last Christmas. She often said that she just wanted God to take her. She's in a much better place and we wouldn't wish her back, but she was dearly loved and we miss her. 

First time our family had all been together in over a year. 

Our granddaughter lightened everyone's hearts. My son said people should rent out therapy babies for funerals.  

Good to mourn together, share memories, family stories, hugs, and tears. Good to say good-bye together, but in our own way. 

Because Keith's mom had been in assisted living, we had to immediately clean out her apartment so we wouldn't be charged for another month. Usually after a funeral, you don't have to deal with their stuff right away. This was a mixed blessing, as it was hard, but it's done. It could easily have dragged on for years, like it did with his dad's stuff.   

The first week home I felt numb and sluggish and didn't feel like doing much. We're for the most part back in the saddle and trying to get back into a routine. 

All this to explain where I've been the last two months.  If you still read my blog, thank-you. I appreciate your concern for me and my family. I'm thankful for all my family and friends, virtual or otherwise.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about both of your moms! I can't even imagine that type of back-to-back loss.

    And I completely agree about the therapy babies. They bring so much joy to an otherwise solemn event.

  2. Welcome back, Angie! I'm so sad to know you have all had to say goodbye to your moms and beloved grandmothers. You and your sweet family have been in my prayers. If you need a friend, I am here.

  3. Hello Friend,
    We had an awful January too. My grandma passed away. We got into an accident. And a stay dog came into our yard and broke into the boys rabbit hutch and killed their bunny Frodo.

    God is Good, and has made me see good things on days I get down.
    It feels good that February has been far.
    Prayers to you.


  4. So sorry for your losses:( However rejoicing with you that they are with the Lord. God bless, you have a beautiful family!

  5. Hi Angie, my sympathy and prayers for you all in this difficult time...a doubled grief. May you find comfort in good memories and God's promises...and keep writing!

  6. Oh Angie.

    I am so sorry.

    How hard to have both loved ones gone so quickly!

    I am thankful for the beautiful time you got to spend with family. And thankful that we do not have to grieve like those without hope! We have the promise of Heaven because we have entrusted our hearts to our Savior!

    We just spent this weekend at the shore, scattering my sister's baby daughter's ashes. It was ten years ago today that she woke up in Heaven and got to take her first breath that didn't hurt. And it has been a decade of realizing that you never come to the end of your grief, but that it is worth it.

    Praying for joy and comfort to cover your family.

  7. Angie...I love you and your family. What a nice tribute to both of your moms and the comfort of time spent with family. I hope you can get back to your blog more often in the weeks ahead...I know you encourage and inspire those who visit here.