Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bad Blogger

I'm bad because I haven't posted anything since Monday.

I'm bad because this week I ran over the camp director's son's bike at the camp where Andrew, Rachel, and Erica work.

I'm bad because I didn't know I ran over the bike. Just drove away like a heartless hit and run driver.

I'm bad because since I didn't know I ran over the bike, I didn't take a picture and by extension don't have a picture for this post, so used one of hubby. If he had a Facebook account, I'd sneak this on as his profile picture. See, I told you I'm bad.

I'm bad because two good friends are visiting from where I used to live, and as much as I like to blog, I like being with friends in real life better. You'll have to do without me for a few days.

So that's all for this weekend edition. Take care and God bless.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak Peak

We just got home this evening.

Happy. Tired. Grateful.

This isn't a professional picture, just one a friend took. Will post more another time.

Another daughter.:) Doesn't Rachel Vik have a nice ring to it?

Wedding was simple, beautiful, meaningful, fun, and special. But, oh am I tired.

Time for this new mother-in-law to hit the hay.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Finally Here

The rehearsal is today. Lots to do so I need to get off the computer and face the day.

In honor of Andrew and Rachel's wedding, I'm reposting a link to Billy Coffey's blog titled Roots. It's a neat post he wrote about getting married. Billy has great insight and a way with words. If you've never read Billy Coffey, you've missed out.

Wow. It's Here. God is good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delayed Reaction

A friend asked the other day what emotions I have about Erica graduating.

At the time I was one quarter ways down the first page of a two page to-do list.

I said, none at the moment. My emotions are usually delayed because I focus on what needs done at the time so don't have time to deal with them. Usually two weeks later it all hits me.

But the question stayed with me. After chewing on it a bit, I feel:

1. Relief I'm no longer responsible for her education. She was not a good student. She's a smart kid but didn't like school.

2. Thankful for her good qualities - she's sensitive, friendly, open, witty, affectionate, has a fun sense of humor, is good with kids, words, and photography.

3. Not Thankful for her bad qualities.

4. Sentimental - I look back over her life and remember her as a sweet little girl. It's fun to see her grow up and watch her personality develop. Lots of good memories.

5. Regret - Wishing I had done or not done certain things. Wishing I had loved her better and been a better Mom. Hoping I haven't put any stumbling blocks in her path. Wanting to do the right thing, but not sure I did.

6. Proud - On her good days, she's a great kid. I mean, who else would take a graduation picture on top of her family's 1993 eight seater Ford passenger van?

7. Frustrated that the end product is out of my control. No matter how good a job I did or didn't do, she has a part in the outcome. Even if I always said or did the right thing, she has a choice. I can lead her to spiritual and educational water but I can't make her drink.

When I do a scrapbook page, or write something, or work on a slide show or paint a room and if I take my time and do it right, it should turn out. But kids aren't like that. It's not a given that with the right ingredients the recipe always works.

8. Worry/Fear - As Cat Stevens used to sing, "It's a wild world." There's a lot of bad things in the world and I wish I could keep her from all of it. I don't want her to fall into any holes. I don't want her to fall away.

9. Hope - I hope she'll be okay and that she's prepared for the future. That she'll choose a life of faith, want good things, and be a stable, steady, responsible law-abiding adult. That she'll walk in the truth and value the things of God. That she'll stay connected to family. That she'll stay pure and marry a Christian man, have good friends, be a good mother, bless others, and have a good life.

10. Trust - I know God loves her more than I do. He understands her and has a plan for her life. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows her name and has promised to give her a hope and a future. He is her shelter, hope, deliverer, helper, counselor, teacher, comforter, light, and guide. I can trust God with my daughter's life.

So while it's nice seeing my children grow up, it's happy/sad/scary/thrilling/enjoyable/not much fun all at the time.

Someone else asked how I feel about my son getting married, but that's a post for another day.

~Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.~ --I Samuel 12:24--

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mugs - Flowers

This week's theme is FLOWERS.
Lani at nine months, is not sure she wants the cat on her lap.

My favorite flower is the California Poppy. It's a simple
flower, grows wild in California, is pretty, cheerful, and
never fails to make me smile. My mood is improving just
looking at this picture.

Happy to be in a poppy patch

Christina took these next pictures. She likes her macro setting.

Check out Heather's blog, Oswald Cuties, for more Monday Mugs.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today was Erica's graduation party. Mixed emotions, fatigue, and way too many meatballs.

Leaving tomorrow to drive our messy car seven hours south with four girls and one dog to Homeschool Horse Camp. Yes, you read that right - a dog. Andrew wants our Golden Retriever, Jessie, to be in the wedding. Thankfully, she's a good traveler.

Kiah arrives at camp Thursday, Keith and Christina arrive Friday. One week from today my son will have tied the knot and Rachel will have shortened her last name by 10 letters.

Thankful for a six weeks supply of leftover frozen meatballs and hoping for a good night's sleep,
Hasta luego. (Until later)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ask Erica

Erica graduates this weekend so I thought it would be fun to put her on the spot and pick her brain a bit. For the most part she good-naturedly complied.

favorite season and why?
summer, because everything fun and exciting happens in the summer, well that ain't true but its about 3/4ths of the way true and that's good enough for me. plus the grass is greener.

favorite sound?
my favorite sound in the world is the sound of a 147 fifth and sixth grade campers singing hymns in a small-ish chapel...gave me goosebumps. i also like the sound of a huge audience clapping or rain on a tin roof..they actually sound a lot alike.

most hated household chore?
unloading the dishwasher, the chore is never ending and time consuming

you wouldn't be caught dead where?
a miley cyrus fan club, and swimming in the deep waters of a big lake (the fish will EAT YOU)

if your house was on fire and you could only grab three things what would they be?
my itouch, my camera and my dresser (full of clothes of course!)

what do you like about living where you do?
beautiful lake superior, friendly people, nice weather (well, mostly), an awesome bike trail.

who is the person you respect the most and why?
well I'm going to cop out because I can't pick just one person. I respect my parents for raising me unconventionally and I realize I've been a bit difficult to raise :)

I respect my brother a lot. he's an odd child, but he set a great example of gentleman-like behavior and has given me great advice.

And I admire C.S. Lewis's writing, I might not understand it all, but i've learned a lot through his books

would you bungee jump?
most definitely, someone might have to push me off but I would love to try!

what would be your dream job?
i would love to be a therapist with my own clinic, and do some writing and photography on the side

name one thing you miss about being a kid?
I miss the lack of understanding consequences. When you're a kid you don't really care about what will happen or why things happen, which gives you freedom to do things without the baggage that can come - guilt, doubt, regret blah blah blah. nowadays, it seems like all i ever do is worry about something, small or not

red or pink?
pink :)

if you could go on a road trip with only one person (dead or alive) who would you choose and where would you go?
Jeez, what an elaborate question. would you like to know what interstate we take and what fast food place we would stop at? All jokes aside, I would like to take someone I already know and love and have not seen for a long time. Namely Augusta Wiese and we would road trip to somewhere warm, probably Florida.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Three Game

Heather at Oswald Cuties tagged me today and I'm going to play along.

3 names I go by
The Law

3 jobs I have had:
Fire Station assistant/gopher/bathroom cleaner (2 years in high school)

3 places I have lived:
Sebastopol, CA
Littleton, CO
George, IA

3 fave drinks:
Hot Water - yes, I know, weird
Root Beer

3 TV shows I watch:
We don't have TV (well, technically we do, but we only use it to watch movies and play Wii.

3 places I have been:
All states west of Wisconsin, except Alaska and Hawaii

3 places I would like to visit:
Great Smoky Mountains

3 fave retro TV shows:
Sue Thomas: FBI

3 fave dishes:
Chicken Enchiladas'
Soup and Muffins

3 things I am looking forward to:
My two older daughters coming home from Spain
Andrew's wedding in two weeks
Camping this summer

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Mugs - Then and Now

This weeks theme: Then and Now

Circa 1976, this is a favorite family picture. My husband is the dapper fellow all dressed up for his senior prom in a dashing purple polyester plaid suit. This was long before he met me. Our family has had many laughs at his expense over this picture.



My oldest daughter, Christina
(1988 - 3 years old)

2010 - 24 years old

1999 - My Bambinos

2010 - My Favorite People

Heather of Oswald Cuties explains Monday Mugs like this:

"Are you in need of a mindless Monday Blog post? Are you struggling to deal with the weekend being over and can't muster the strength to type a single word? Well, Monday Mugs are for YOU! I may or may not "borrow" ideas from IheartFaces and post my interpretation of their weekly theme. Without submitting my photo for judgement and not being forced to follow the rules."

Mondays are hard! Blogging on Mondays shouldn't be!