Monday, April 27, 2009

That Little Voice

By Andrew

I thought it might happen sooner or later but I didn't really expect it for a few years yet, at least not until I was well into my 30's.

At the camp where I work, we are laying waterlines in a trench that was six feet deep and eight feet wide. I've had fun jumping with amazing skill and prowess across the trench and yelling "INDIANA JONES" at the same time.

Now this was all good and fun until the backhoe widened my trench to a good twelve feet across. Last Wednesday I bounded out of the Activity Center and started running toward the trench to jump it, when all of a sudden a little voice in my head said, "Hey, you have a sprained ankle. Maybe jumping the trench is not such a good idea."

I was shocked!!!

This was the first time in my life EVER that the safety mechanism kicked in. Before my brain used to say things like, "Yeah, you can make it", "It's only a short fall", or "The car is only moving 30 mph, no big deal." Now I actually have something in my head telling me it my not be safe.

Could I be growing up?

Well, I am not sure I would jump that gun completely yet, but I will have to say that I am a whole lot closer to living past 40 now that my brain actually tells me not to do dumb stuff.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Our life is full of changes
Christina has had light brown hair, blonde, brown, and black hair.
Her latest reinvention is...
 Andrew's hair length has been all over the spectrum.

His current length is...


Not to be outdone, Kiah has had light brown hair,
red, brown, and black.

She currently has...
purple streaks with bleach highlights.

While we're on the subject of changing hair color
the gray and brown in Keith's beard is about even
(Sorry, sweetie, I couldn't resist)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recipe for Fun

Take two Minnesotans

Kiah with her purple hair and her boyfriend Mark who sleeps with a fan and talks in his sleep

Add four Iowa State Students

Christina, the Camera Queen, Ruth, her cheerful sidekick, Matt from Australia who introduced new words to our vocabulary like "pushie" (bicycle), "sunnys" (sunglasses), and "biscuits" (cookies) and shared his chocolate Easter Bilby with us, and Robin from Germany who gave us a six month supply of candy from Finland

Stir and mix well.

Then add a smitten son

Andrew, whose feet stink, and Rachel, who instigated and won a spitting off the dock contest

Combine with four hyper sisters, two aging parents, two dogs, good food, late nights, and silly songs.

Sprinkle with Dipped Oreos

Bake for one Easter Weekend in Ashland, Wisconsin

Yield: One Happy Bunch

School Is Not So Bad

Notes From the Workaday World
by Andrew Vik

To be sure the thought of finding happiness in school never crosses any kid's mind. Dreading assignments and hoping for weekends without homework, yes, but never happiness. I suffered through my first 14 years of school thinking and wishing that it could just be done and I could move on with life.

One year removed from community college, three removed from high school, I have just now discovered the value of education. Now don’t get me wrong, this discovery was not aided by a sense of needing to better myself through education or an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, nope nothing like that.

Nope, it’s these notes about the workaday world that have got me thinking that school wasn’t the worst thing ever.

Note #1, having to be up every day for work is just not the same as having to get to your early class. Cause you see, while you can skip your early class, you can’t not show up to work.

Oh, and employers don’t care what your dog ate.

Note #2, College life is really actually pretty easy, the only thing you really have resembling responsibility is getting to class on time and studying for your tests.

I could go on with a few other notes but for now kids, don’t be too cool for school: it is nice, it is easy, and I will be going back for seconds, Lord willing.

(Editor's note: This is music to his Mama's ears)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break

Usually, spring break for me (Erica) involves school, school, sleeping and a little more school, so this spring was a nice break from tradition. I went down to Iowa via Minneapolis via Fridley via Sherburn via Adrian and spent a week back in my old stomping grounds (what does that even mean?)

These are some of my highly highlighted favorite moments ...I loved seeing my babies, the Struckmans! Thankfully no one had changed and Shyanne and Sawyer remembered my name! Fun times on that trampoline, thanks girls!

My little sisters and I attended our homeschool group's Girls Spring Tea Party. Anything involving dressing up and having a party is sure to be fun and we had a blast! I loved seeing everyone. Just like old times.

I also had the tough responsibility of meeting Kiah's boyfriend Mark (far right). We're very protective of Kiah and thankfully he measures up.

We ate with our Grandma and Aunt Karen at the good ol' B & L Cafe. It was nice to not have to look at the menu and know exactly what my favorites were!

Andrew is Smitten!! Another fun part was spending time with Andrew and his girlfriend Rachel. Now we're just as protective of Andrew so its a good thing he found a really sweet girl! They are pretty much inseparable and Andrew almost rear-ended a car because he was gazing (not JUST looking, no the boy was GAZING) at Rachel.