Friday, January 2, 2015

Highlights of 2014

After a record low of only nine blog posts in 2014, I have resolved to be more consistent in blogging in 2015. My kids are all gone today so I am thoroughly enjoying peace and quiet and the time to reflect on our last year. 

1.  My mom's funeral
     Hard to say good-bye. Glad she's out of pain. Nice to see family.
(With my siblings and parents two years ago) 

2.  Keith's mom's funeral
Unexpected. Double whammy. Life well-lived. Very loved. Good to see all my kids.

3.  Apostle Island Ice Caves
     Amazing. Beautiful. Unexpected boon for our area - 138,000 visitors came to see them.

4.  Cassaundra's wedding
     My daughter, Kiah's, best friend got married. 
Fun that the girls got married six weeks apart

5.  My dad's visit
    First visit from him in 17 years. 

6.  30th Anniversary
     Thankful for 30 years. Lost in the wedding frenzy. 
Promised to celebrate later. Still haven't. 

7.  Granddaughter Cailin's 1st birthday
      Adults don't change much in a year. Babies change alot! Fun to see her grow.

8.  Kiah & Dayton's Wedding
     Fun. Exhausting. Beautiful. At times overwhelming. 
           Thankful for a good man to love my daughter.        

9.  Vacation in Ontonagon, MI
     Quiet, relaxing, refreshing week enjoying the beach, books, and each other.

10.  House projects
       Checked many things off the to-do list

11.  Whistlestop Race Weekend
        Christina and Anna did a half marathon. Dayton and Lani ran a 10K. 
Glad someone's getting exercise.

12.  Thanksgiving
Ate at Kiah and Dayton's. Yay, the kids can cook. 
Worked myself out of a job. 

Thankful for faith, family, and friends. 
We have been so blessed and continue 
to trust God for the upcoming year. 



  1. Neat to see how your year went in pictures...I always enjoy your blog posts. Happy New Year!

  2. Y'all had a lot to happen last year. Loved the post and all the pictures. Hope 2015 is wonderful. Glad to see you back to blogging:)

  3. Enjoyed your year-in-review, look forward to future blog posts here. Blessings to you and yours in 2015!

  4. Hello,
    A fun review. :-)
    Always love to read your posts.
    Hope to visit in 2015!!
    Stay Warm

  5. It was a busy year. A little bit sad, but mostly filled with happy events. I wish you all the best for a next year!