Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cleaners

The family is divided evenly. Five cleaners, five messers. 

I'm in the cleaning camp, but Keith is by far the cleanest Vik. His car is usually clean and his shoes are rarely muddy. He has tidied my life for twenty-five years. He likes coffee and donuts and I like juice and muffins, but we make it work. He pastors Grace Bible Fellowship in Washburn, Wisconsin and is passionate about people and the Word of God. He enjoys reading, John Piper, war movies, drinking coffee at McDonalds, going to the beach in Cornucopia, and playing Wii Golf.

Our fifth child, Anna, is the most naturally domestic. She is a huge help as she enjoys cooking and baking. She and Kiah are sure to have fat husbands someday. Born 21, Anna takes a sensible, methodical approach to life. She likes reading, swimming, and skating.

What a relief. After seven tries, we finally got a child who likes to clean. Two out of seven isn't so bad. Lani (rhymes with Bonnie) loves to do laundry, organize, straighten, sweep, and pull weeds. Although she can make a royal mess when she puts her mind to it, she also doesn't mind cleaning it up. Lani enjoys making people laugh, likes to read, ski, swim, talk with a funny voice, and loves animals, especially cats.

Yay! Reinforcements. Rachel likes to clean. Hopefully she'll forgive me for raising such a messy son. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Wisconsin in LaCrosse. She works part-time as a Recreational Therapist at a nursing home. She's a great mommy and takes great care of our granddaughter.

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