Friday, March 13, 2009

The Messers

Our oldest child, Christina, ties Andrew for the title of Messiest Vik. Sometimes called Tina or T-Bone, she graduated in 2010 from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa with a degree in Political Science and International Studies. She moved back home with us and got a nursing degree. She now works as an R.N. at a local nursing home. She loves travel and adventure and hopes to visit all seven continents before she dies. So far she's been to six. She enjoys politics, trying new things, photography, and outdoor events.

Andrew takes messy to a whole new level. He also loves God and is blessed with a fun-loving, easy-going personality. He likes to make people laugh, spend time with friends, play basketball, and listen to music. Andrew works at Best Buy in LaCrosse, WI. His wife Rachel now cleans up his messes.

Our third child, Kiah, also got a nursing degree in 2013. She moved to LaCrosse, WI and works as an R.N. in a nursing home.  She has many good qualities, but alas, being clean is not one of them. Kiah (rhymes with Leah) enjoys running, cooking, drinking coffee, singing, and playing the piano.

Our fourth child is also messy. Do you notice a pattern here? Our first four kids' initials spell "CAKE." Andrew calls Erica an E.F. which stands for "Emotional Female." Erica graduated from college in 2013 with an Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. She lives in LaCrosse, WI five blocks from her sister.  She is good with kids, and enjoys photography, piano, reading, skiing, and listening to music.

Our sixth child, Amy, doesn't know a stranger. She's like our Golden Retriever, Tucker, in that she just enjoys being around people. Amy can clean if need be, but she definitely falls into the messy camp. Amy and Lani are called "The Cahoots (because they're partners in crime), "The Little Girls" or "Marmots." Amy enjoys meeting new people, volleyball, swimming, skiing, reading, and writing. She is artistic and loves to make things.


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